English Community.. Speak up yor mind, Speak up your Heart .. YES!

English Community..

Speak up your mind, speak up your heart, yes !
Yeah, it’s our phenomenal slogan. Let’s start this !

English Community is one of extracurricular in Senior High School 1 Klaten. All students, especially 10th and 11th grade who studying in Senior High School 1 Klaten can join this extracurricular. We learn together, we share what we know about english,we work and we also play together. We are divided in 5 divisions, there are speech division, story telling division, writing division, spelling be division, and debate division. Each division has different material and skill. We always hold a routine meeting every Tuesday and Thursday after school.

Let Us Introduce our http://cialisfrance24.com beloved Coach to you Guys!
Her Name is Mrs. Ety Suryandarwati, S.Pd. She always accompany us in our activities, like in our routine meeting and in every competitions that we joined. we love her so much because she was very kind and beautiful.

And now we wanna tell you about our Leaders Guys
Check it out…
They are…..
Brilian Satria Mahardika and Tasya Adinda Dika Putri.
We called them, Billy and Tasya.

Billy such a very kindhearted leader, he also very patient and he was very dilligent leader to us. How about Tasya? alright … If you meet her in the first time, you’ll feel afraid of her, but if you wanna take a chance to know and understanding her, she actually such very touchable person and discipline person.

~ A Good Leaders needs to have a compass in his/her head and a bar of steel in his/her heart.~

-Robert Townsend-

In English Community We learned together so there are no border between seniors and juniors…

English Community has annual event called “ENGLISH NIGHT” or “EN”
for more information about English Night we would to tell you in our next article… so stay tune Guys^^

See you in our next beautiful article…

~ Let us learn together and laugh together and work together and pray together, confident that in the end we will triumph together in the right.~

-Jimmy Carter-

                                                                 We Learned, We Worked, and We Played together

We learned, We worked and We played together ^^

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xya1gr683t0  ( Check this Link, Spoilers about English Night )