Speak Up Your Mind,
Speak Up Your Heart, YES!!


Hello guys!
How’re you? I hope you’re always in good condition. Let me introduce myself. My name’s Risna Pradita Ivani. You can call me Risna. I am part of SMANSA 18 and member of English Community 2016/2017. I am the leader of speech division. Here I want tell you about speech division.

In speech division there’s no senior and no younger. We all just same, gather here, learning with others, and grow together. We study how to make a good speech. We make different speech for different situation, like giving welcome, giving support, appreciation, grief, etc. Right in front of organization, school, or in the society.

After make speech, we learn about pronounciation. Pronounciation is how to say a word rightly in English. Then we built self confidence to speak up our voices in front of the community. We study how to control voices, so everyone can hear our voice.

Sometimes we play games or watching film. Take it easy, you don’t must can do everything. Everyone have their unique skill. Don’t trying be like someone, just be yourself. I think that’s all about speech divison, thank you….^_^